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T’is the season to have beautiful nails.

Your nails are a way of speaking your style without having to say a word.

Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s  – Metallic Manicure 5,500 yen.

The latest nail trend, metallic manis, has been popping up everywhere from Pinterest to the red carpet. Being that, as girls, we have an affinity for all objects shiny and all objects that can double as a mirror, we’ve become completely obsessed with the metal-inspired nails. Whether the final product is all metallic or simply accented with a single shiny nail, we’re dying to get some metal on our hands.

Monday’s, Tuesday’s,Thursday’s and Friday’s – One color shellac manicure 4,000 yen.

Red nails will never not be a thing! Sexy, vampy, classic, sophisticated—all at once!

Like the red lip, a shiny crimson manicure is a classic with which you can’t go wrong.

Classic red is definitely a staple nail color. Red is such a bold color; it looks great no matter how you wear it. From plain polish to studded designs. Red is a color manicure for everyone.

Monday’s, Tuesday’s,Thursday’s and Friday’s – Go French 5,000 yen.

Color can say so much. Red lips say “daring,” a black gown “timeless,” white sundress “fresh.” Neon anything says “I was around in the ’80s.” And a French manicure? Neutral, understated, and goes with absolutely anything

  • Add on to any of the above specials:
  • Add the OPI spa experience for an extra 1,000 yen
  • Add paraffin wax 1,500 yen


Love the skin your in. Beautiful skin doesn’t come from make-up. Beautiful skin comes from your Boudoir aesthetician!

Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s – Guinot hydraclean deep cleansing facial 9,500 yen.

(Upgrade to Age Summum facial plus 4,000 yen)

(Add Guinot Eyelogic facial plus 6,000 yen)

Baby, it’s cold outside! Now the temperature has dropped, your skin is confused by the change in climate and in desperate need of some TLC. As Tokyo’s weather takes on a big freeze, chances are, your face is feeling it. If you want to de-thaw and de-stress (and who doesn’t?), head over to Boudoir. The radiance revealing Guinot Hydraclean facial is recommended as the perfect winter skin pick me up.

Our treatment begins with a skin analysis to determine the need for toning, deep-pore cleansing, softening of fine lines, and, the cold-weather favorite, restoring hydration. From there, we gently cleanse and exfoliate to balance, then deep cleanse with a thermal electrode to draw out impurities and cleanse the pores. Aromatherapy Swedish massage and extractions are finished off with a face mask to suit your skin type.



Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s – Boudoir Signature Pedicure 5,900 yen.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of reasons for you not to show off your pedicured toes. Lots of holiday parties and galas demand open-toed shoes. Say hello to our ‘heel’-lelujah Signature pedicure. We haven’t missed a thing. Dry feet will be a thing of the past. This pedicure includes filing, buffing, cuticle care, dead skin removal, paraffin wax and followed by a praise-worthy polishing.


Flutter worthy lashes

Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s – Free eyelash tint with lash perm 4,900 yen.

An Eyelash Lift or an Eyelash Perm is a treatment that adds curl and length to your lashes without the need for extensions. This is the ideal treatment for those with long lashes or for lashes that do not naturally curl upwards. Upturned eyelashes look longer than very straight ones. Putting a kink at the lashline of your fringe not only grants you fuller, longer-looking lashes; it helps you accentuate your eyes giving you a wide-eyed doe look, too.

The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from four weeks to 6 weeks. As your lashes grow and fall out (the life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days), the effects become less noticeable.


Waxing specials December

Tuesday’s / Wednesdays 10:30am -2:30pm / Sundays 12pm – 6pm

Half leg 5,500 yen

Full leg 9,450 yen

Full arm 7,700 yen

Half arm 4,700 yen

Chest 4,700 yen

Back 4,700 yen