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(All Prices Include Tax)


Mayerling Facial

Deep cleansing for all skin types

90 MIN / ¥20,000

(Course of 6 facials – ¥71,000. SAVE ¥49,000)

Not suitable for pregnant women.

The combination of Glycolic acid, advanced skin care technology together with the skills of a highly trained Boudoir beauty therapist, creates one of the best facial treatments! This facial was developed to keep the skin living and aging better. Galvanic currents will deep cleanse and re-hydrate the lower layers of the skin, followed by the use of high frequency electrical currents and stabilized oxygen, will result in the purification of the skin, improve micro circulation and aid in elimination of toxins.

Ionization allows penetration of active ingredients. Your face will discover a new radiance.

This facial works fantastically on all skin types especially acne prone skin.


* * * * * * *

Guinot Hydradermie Lift Facial

Fabulous facial workout, effective for fine lines and wrinkles.

120 MIN / ¥23,000

(Course of 4 facials— ¥61,000. SAVE ¥31,000)

Not suitable for pregnant women.

The Hydradermie Lift Facial is a ‘work out’ for the face, targeting the areas where wrinkles are evident – around the eyes, mouth, nose and forehead. Using gentle modulated micro-currents to tone facial muscles and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This is the perfect firming treatment for those who want a little help without having to go under the knife!

The treatment is completed with a unique Vitamin C firming mask to increase penetration of Vitamin C, E, F and Marine Collagen. In addition, it tightens the face vertically and horizontally.


* * * * * * *

Guinot Hydraclean Facial

Hydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin.

60 MIN / ¥16,000

(Course of 4 facials— ¥43,200. SAVE ¥20,800)

Hydra clean deluxe includes double cleanse, 20% Glycolic acid peel, hydra clean deep cleanse, aromatherapy steam massage, extractions, pimples treated with high frequency electrical current, anti-stress mask, moisturizer.

The Benefits are deeper cleansing and deeper hydration !

The Electrode:

Guinot created this patented Thermoclean heating electrode specifically for this treatment. Instead of using steam to soften the pores (that can dry out and damage skin and with which you cannot regulate the heat), these electrode are set to a specific temperature and can be adjusted to each person’s comfort level. While softening the pores, the heat from the electrode simultaneously penetrates the treatment gels deep into the skin.

The Gels:

There are two gels that were specifically created for this treatment – the Universal Cleansing Gel for all skin types and the Purifying Cleansing gel for oily skin. Both are soap-free and have Salicylic Acid to provide antimicrobial action and exfoliation and Lipacid to regulate excess oil. The Universal Gel also contains Allantoin to soften and sooth and Lactic Acid to moisturize, while the Purifying Gel contains Burdock to deeply cleans and purify.


* * * * * * *

Guinot Age Summum Facial

The alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediate signs of aging, wrinkles and fines lines, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.

60 MIN / ¥18,000

(Course of 4 facials— ¥54,000. SAVE ¥18,000)

During the treatment, the precious anti-aging active ingredients directly act on signs of aging.

Pure vitamin C:  stimulates the synthesis of collagen and provides antioxidant action for exceptional radiance.

Hyaluronic Acid filler spheres:  smooth away wrinkles.

Pro-Collagen:  stimulates the synthesis of collagen and fights against cutaneous slackening.

An exclusive skincare treatment that erases signs of aging !

Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream rejuvenates the skin’s appearance by eliminating dead cells and stimulating the production of young cells.

Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum:

A genuine concentration of 56 Biological active ingredients from Cellular Life Complex and vitamin C, which encourages cell regeneration.

Age Summum Facial Massage:

An anti-aging massage technique that helps the precious active ingredients from the hyaluoronic acid and DNA-enriched serum penetrate deep down into the skin. The skin appears firmer and facial features rejuvenated.

Age Summum Face Mask:

Specific anti-aging mask, enriched in pro-collagen that adds youthful radiance to the skin.