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(All prices include tax)


Shape and Paint of feet

20 MIN / ¥3,300

Choose a beautiful color from our specially selected range of ‘Creative Nail’ or ‘OPI’ nail polishes.


* * * * * * * *

Boudoir Signature Pedicure

60 MIN / ¥7,500   ;   Using Shellac polish add ¥1,000

Using the finest products, this sumptuous pedicure completely overhauls your tired and weary feet.

First, one of our leading nail technicians will carefully remove the dead skin on the soles of your feet, followed by a truly relaxing foot soak in high quality mineral sea salts.

Just lie back whilst your feet are carefully filed, and buffed with full cuticle work.

Then, indulge your feet in a wonderfully warm, luxurious paraffin wax bath to moisturize them and improve your circulation. Your tired, aching legs will feel so relieved after being covered in a cooling gel.

Lastly, have your tootsies painted to perfection by selecting a beautiful color from our wonderful range of ‘Creative Nail’ or ‘OPI’ nail polishes.


* * * * * * * *

Shellac feet

60 MIN / ¥6,400

Is it a polish? Is it a gel? An amazing product that is cross between a nail polish and gel nails is now at Boudoir Day Spa. If your sick and tired of acrylic nails then this is the perfect treatment for you. This amazing treatment is quick and easy and will leave your nails looking gorgeous for about 4 weeks.

Paints like a polish and performs like a gel!

No chips, no touch ups, no fading. Just long lasting protection. Even weak nails are given a new lease on life. It only takes about 30 minutes to transform your nails.

The advantages to trying SHELLAC/OPI Gel are:

You can paint over the color and remove it again and again.

It doesn’t chip or fade.

It last 4 weeks or more (on feet).

There are no re-fills, you just get it removed quickly at Boudoir and then redo the treatment.

There are plenty of fantastic colors to choose from.

You can leave the salon with dry nails. No more ruining your tootsies on the way home!!!

Extras & Upgrades

French  ¥1,000
Paraffin wax ¥2,400
Shellac/OPI Gel polish ¥1,000
Shellac/OPI Gel Removal ¥2,300

* * * * * * * *

Add Paraffin wax treatment to any of the above services for only ¥2,400

If using regular polish – please remember to bring a pair of open toed shoes to wear home !     Shellac polish drys perfectly by the end of the treatment.